Dare to Dream

a better way of learning.

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The Anthropocene: the AGE of humans

AGE is a school for families and students who are passionate about wellbeing for people and for the planet.

We stand on the cusp of a new age of the human; a new age in innovation where we control our destiny, our society and the future of our planet.

Imagine what the future would look like if we embraced the best there is? We will need a new generation of leaders who think, feel and act differently.

We need schools that value and grow every child’s gifts, turn difficulties into strengths, celebrate those that think outside the box and empower those that dare to dream, and care enough to act.

We must do this so our children are filled with purpose, and equipped with the skills they need to realise their passions.

Age is ready to disrupt education, because doing things the same way we have always done so is no longer viable, sustainable or even relevant for our future.

We have started by selecting the best in education, then reinventing it fit for the future. Age is the home for a radical change in education.


Meet those that dare to dream



guided by the future

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