First, think. Second dream.
Third, believe and finally, dare.



A revolutionary approach to education

Our vision is to help students become curious, creative and compassionate learners by making their education meaningful and highly relevant to the changing world we live in.

We seek to develop the skills in our students needed for a changing future, by championing innovative ways of thinking and approaching problems, encouraging collaborative ways of working and helping them master technology.  

To spark their curiosity and help them thrive in the classroom, and in the community, we aim to connect foundational concepts and skills to students’ own interests.

We turn these interests into real-world challenges, and encourage deep thinking to allow students to build their knowledge, as well as the social and emotional skills that help them feel strong and succeed.

When students complete AGE School, they’ll leave empowered to build further on their learning. They’ll feel connected to their community, conscious of the environment and have developed fundamental skills for the world they are moving into.

Kids at a Takapuna Beach painting

Why did we create AGE School?

• The future demands a new form of leader – a caring, daring, creative individual who’s not necessarily an A+ student or sports champion.

• We truly believe that education should be far more than academic and sporty. It should develop purpose, wellbeing and real skills for the future.

• We won’t let an outdated education system dictate our children’s future – many schools are not teaching the right skills well, due to their size, leadership and tradition.

• We can do things different, better and smarter than other schools because we’re small, focused and innovative.

• Too many Gifted and Talented children don’t thrive in traditional schools

• We’re passionate about giving children – and our communities – the best possible chance of success.

• Many parents did not have positive experiences at school and want to ensure their children feel more inspired in their learning.

• We’re inspired by international education innovators and want to help New Zealand embrace a better way of doing things.

• In a technology based future, it’s never been more important for students to develop their EQ as much as their IQ.

Who is AGE School for?

We cater for Years 1 to 10 and believe those will flourish here are

  • Students who learn differently

  • Children losing their spark at their current school

  • Highly creative students

  • Children who prefer small class sizes

  • Gifted, talented children

  • Dyslexic children

  • Homeschooled children seeking a group learning environment

  • High achieving young athletes, who need flexible schooling around their sport

  • Children from families passionate about the planet and sustainability

  • Students from families seeking learning designed for our future