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“I am passionate about codesigning learning experiences that enable students to thrive academically, socially and emotionally. Two core educational values drive my approach: Curiosity empowers students to discover their own learning paths; and Creativity enables you to create change in the world around you. At AGE we look to ignite the curiosity of our learners so that they can shape a better future for both our community and the wider world. It is exciting to be part of a learning environment that truly personalises learning for each individual student”

Steve Mouldey, Principal


Bronwyn Van der Geest
Learning Coach

Our young need space to spread their wings within an inclusive learning environment that A.G.E. promotes to support holistic growth.  Facilitating learning where educators, parents and students work together to ensure that our children have the foundation they need to shape a better future for themselves and us all, is critical.  Watching our students become empowered leaders whose voices and actions will inspire lasting change inspires and excites me.

Mitch Gellert

Mitch Gellert
Learning Coach

I believe that young people should feel comfortable but also brave when expressing themselves in any walk of life. I am passionate about fostering the creativity of all young people I work with, striving to enable them to express themselves in whatever way they like without fear. AGE gives young people the skills, tools and support to find their voice and share who they really are.

Julia Bradshaw

Julia Bradshaw
Learning Coach

I believe that strong relationships between learning coaches, students and their families is the foundation of a great education. It is in partnership with families that we can get the most out of our young people. I am passionate about delivering an enriching curriculum that fosters curiosity and creativity; one that is anchored in authentic learning experiences and encompasses the whole child. My goal is to ensure that students are also equipped with the ‘soft skills’ they will need in the future; that they know themselves; that they can use creativity to solve problems; that they can be connected, and feel connected, in a diverse world.

Genna Clements

Genna Clements
Learning Coach, Events Management

I believe we need to make education challenging, supportive, and allow children to accomplish their dreams without barriers. As a community, we need to foster the belief that there are no limits. I have the ability to let passions and dreams come alive as well as instilling a sense of fun and humour along the way. Creating relationships with true purpose, care and love are important elements of ensuring our children receive the education they deserve.

Andrea Tong

Andrea Tong
Learning Coach

My passion as an educator is to help young people to explore and understand the world around them, and to develop skills which will equip them to be successful, compassionate individuals who  contribute positively to our society. Each child has their own way of learning and I believe that the way in which we teach should reflect this; in a personal, real world and inquiry-based context. My teaching specialism is the Sciences but as a life-long learner I’m always keen to expand my knowledge, link science with other subjects, as well as continue to reflect on my understanding of our world.

Pam Manu

Pam Manu
Administration Manager

I am passionate about children’s wellbeing and watching them learn and to be happy. Working in a closed office is not something that makes my heart sing, however, working in a space where I’m alongside and interacting with the children while observing and listening to the sounds of engaged and happy learning brings me joy.

Esta Takuira

Esta Takuira
Front of House and Admin

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