How many students are here at AGE?

We currently have 20 students and are aiming to start 2020 with 50 students.

How many students is your maximum?

In our temporary building we can have 50 students comfortably. Our new building opening in 2020 will eventually allow the school to grow to 180 students.

What is the age range? Now and in the future?

We currently accept students from Year 1 to 10. AGE School will grow with our oldest students so that by 2022 we will be a full Year 1-13 school.

What is the curriculum based on?

The AGE School curriculum is based on the New Zealand Curriculum. Our four terms use the Future Focus principles of citizenship, sustainability, innovation and globalisation to integrate the key concepts and skills from each learning area. Our learning coaches then design engaging learning experiences linked to the real world and students interests within these areas.

How do I know my child is succeeding in Math, English, Science etc. ?

Students’ achievement and progress is measured against the levels of the New Zealand Curriculum. You will receive feedback and reports based on these, as well as how your child is developing socially and emotionally. 

How will you help my child if he needs to transition to another school?

With AGE developing right through to Year 13, we expect that most students will stay here through to the end of their schooling. If families are leaving town and so do need to change school, we will work with both the child and the school they are shifting to so that a successful transition can occur. We will share academic progress information and successful learning strategies with the school that your child is moving to. AGE’s nurturing environment is very different than most schools, so the earlier we hear about a move, the earlier we can help your child prepare for a different learning environment.

How will you manage having 13/14 year old students with 5/6 year old students?

The mix of ages is a special part of our environment here at AGE School. Our older students will run lunchtime activities some days for students and often act as role models around the school. We do give times in separate areas for the different age groups, both during learning and some lunchtimes across the week. This gives both older and younger students the opportunity to be themselves as well as opportunities to mix with students of different ages. 

How do students stay on task when on the floor and how are they monitored to ensure they stay on task?

At AGE School we focus on developing students abilities to self regulate. Open learning spaces, break out rooms, individual pods and reset rooms all play a part in providing a learning environment for every situation. We help students learn when they need to use different environments to best manage their learning. If students need to reset their focus, they may be directed to either our quiet or active reset rooms to regain their focus. Learning coaches will then work with students to work out which environment will help them be most successful with their learning.